March 10, 2017

Why Toronto?

Why Toronto?

Why Toronto? Well, the rest of the world is slowly coming to realize what we’ve known for some time: that Toronto is much more than just some sleepy city in the Canadian North where it’s always cold and where the locals only travel by canoe or snowshoes. C’mon!

Let’s see what the big voices in travel and culture are saying about the 416:

* Vogue named Queen Street West the 2nd Coolest Neighborhood in the World, calling it “a verifiable artery of indie patisseries, homegrown labels, and hidden-from-view galleries—hallmarks of hipness, if ever they existed.”
* The New York Times ranked Toronto #7 on its 2016 Places to Visit, lauding its cultural diversity, artistic and sporting events, green spaces and public art.
* The Economist named Toronto as the #7 best city to live in worldwide, giving it high scores for green space, connectivity and cleanliness.
* US News & World Report ranked Toronto as the #4 Best Place to Visit in Canada, praising its diversity and explaining “travelers may feel as if they’ve seen more than a couple worlds after a visit to Toronto.”

Clearly something is going on here. It may be Drake’s references to Toronto as “The 6ix” (replacing tired earlier nicknames The Big Smoke, and Hog Town) or the cringe-worthy worldwide headlines of our last mayor, known more for his crack-smoking escapades than his ability to lead our fine city. But beyond the hype, I think the reason our city is getting so much attention is because we are a city of the world.

As the big voices in travel have noticed, Toronto’s unique spirit comes from the fact that more cultures are represented here than in any other North American city. Our thriving neighbourhoods reflect that diversity: the streets of Little Portugal are filled with the sound of Fado and the smell of freshly baked pastel de nata, Chinatown features shops full of trinkets and authentic eateries and Greektown is host to heritage festivals like Sounds of the Danforth.

And that’s just three of the ethnicities you’ll see represented in Canada’s largest city – there’s estimated to be over 200 !

With one of the lowest rates of crime in any major North American city, Toronto’s streets are safe, making it the perfect city to visit with your family. Our economy is strong, and we are growing as more and more people from around the world are choosing Toronto as the place where they want to live and do business.

And despite the city’s influx of people and surge in new building, we are still a very green destination. The largest city in Canada is an “urban forest,” with an

estimated 10.2 million trees within the city limits. Dubbed the City within a Park, there’s an abundance of destinations to take in Toronto’s natural beauty, from the lakeshores at Toronto Island and Centre Island Parks to the lush blooms at Edwards Gardens and Allan Gardens Conservatory.

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